Pug Life

All 'tude and love and belly rubs.

please submit your pug photos !!! i will tumblrize your pug.

I hate Mosquitos

All the Hot Wives of Orlando speak to me.

Sometimes you just gotta chill

I gotta say, road trips blow

I took a walk on the wild side and I gotta tell you, I didn’t like it so much .


#Pugging http://ift.tt/1qPvzue

I’m a little concerned that I have to wait over a year to find out what happened to That naughty dragon in GOT.

Now we’re tAlking

I need my sunglasses dude

While on vacation, it’s important to be carried everywhere

I am ready for Fight Club


Luca runs a toilet paper delivery service in Wisconsin! Please follow @pugluca ! #pug #pugs #pugsofinstagram

i hate a paper trail

Yes, I’m counting on you to feed me some of your delicious kale salad.

Wait, Breaking Bad is done? Like done, done?

I’m still waiting on Godot

Ready to hit the Pilates mat, I am.