Pug Life

All 'tude and love and belly rubs.

please submit your pug photos !!! i will tumblrize your pug.

Sunday morning, ready to take it all on yo!

Get outta bed and take me for a walk already!

It’s too early for selfies dude

open the dang door already!

i want to play.

no words.

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Say no to the kayak.

This is the problem with road trips.

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Joan Rivers, I’ll miss you!


Looks like he’s thinking about all the treats he’ll never have. Sudden realization.

Monday is not like Sunday Funday. Not at all.

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Look who’s healing marvelously!! He still squints most of the time but he opened his eyes just for you guys. :)

Yay Rider!



I love going out to eat at fancy restaurants, but it’s good to be back home with my pugs




I’m ready for Friday, Friday, Friday!

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As my boy Ye says, I’m about to break the rules but don’t tell anynody.

Get off my tuna, yo.